Here is the sequence of steps to help you in the home loan process. Click on the picture of the Loan Game to print it out and cross off every step of the way!


  1. Pre-Qualify— This is the first step to determining the best loan type and affordability of a home for your needs.
  2. Pre-Processing— Getting required documents to Loan Originator (eg: bank statements, tax returns, W-2’s).
  3. FIND A HOME—Your search can begin for your Dream Home.
  4. Contract— A signed sales contract between the sellers and buyers of your soon to be new home. The contract is provided to the title company and your loan originator.
  5. Loan Application—Sign the Loan Application.
  6. Inspection—A home inspection is recommended and outlines any potential issues with the home.
  7. Underwriting— The loan application and documents are submitted to the Underwriter for review. This usually takes 1-2 weeks.
  8. Time to shop for homeowners insurance.
  9. Approval— Underwriter provides a list of any items that are needed to close; such as updated paystubs, bank statements, etc.
  10. Appraisal— Gives the reasonable market value of the home. This protects the buyer against paying too much.
  11. Pre-Closing— Settlement costs and closing documents are drafted and forwarded to the title company. This could take up to 48 hours.
  12. Closing Disclosure—Final settlement statement is reviewed and approved by all parties. This must be signed at least 3 days prior to closing.
  13. Final Walk-Through— A final tour of the property is done to approve the condition prior to signing the closing documents.
  14. Title Company—The title company complies all final documents to be signed by all parties
  15. Closing— Final closing documents are signed by all parties and funds are transferred. This takes 30-45 minutes.